January 2003 – Week 2 Top tracks

Just week 2.of the year and I’ve got the top 10 newly released dance /house/EDM tracks for you to check out.

This week we have the following in the chart.

Trumpz Extended MixDamien N-Drix, Wave Wave
Te Marchar Extended MixKarma Child
Love Is The Only Way Jonny Montana Sax RemixKenny Bobien, Jose Burgos
Everybody Be Somebody Extended MixHawk, Jude & Frank, Kiras
I Love Me Extended MixMarshall Jefferson, Ten City, Wh0
MY FLOW Original MixShero, JNM The Naked MC
Mr. Pretty Tony Original MixDavid Britton
Discox Extended MixFabio Neural
Hallucinate Extended MixReinn
Dream Extended MixLeonard, George Heyden
On A Ragga Tip Unlimit-Ing RemixSL2

Check out the top 10 and number one on my Beatport chart below

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