Out from under the rock mini mix

My second house EDM music mix and recommendations for the year. I couldn’t get this down to ten tracks so we have eleven.

These are also my chart on Beatport, in the order, I love them most.

1Trumpz Extended MixDamien N-Drix, Wave WaveDance / Electro PopD Major125 BPM
2Te Marchar Extended MixKarma ChildDance / Electro PopGb Minor126 BPM
3Love Is The Only Way Jonny Montana Sax RemixKenny Bobien, Jose BurgosHouseA Major123 BPM
4Everybody Be Somebody Extended MixHawk, Jude & Frank, KirasDance / Electro PopE Minor125 BPM
5I Love Me Extended MixMarshall Jefferson, Ten City, Wh0HouseA Minor125 BPM
6MY FLOW Original MixShero, JNM The Naked MCHouseC Minor125 BPM
7Mr. Pretty Tony Original MixDavid BrittonJackin HouseA Minor125 BPM
8Discox Extended MixFabio NeuralTech HouseD Minor127 BPM
9Hallucinate Extended MixReinnDance / Electro PopGb Minor128 BPM
10Dream Extended MixLeonard, George HeydenDance / Electro PopG Major125 BPM
11On A Ragga Tip Unlimit-Ing RemixSL2Bass HouseA Major135 BPM

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