2009 – Fundamentally Chris Cee

Below is an extract from a full interview done for harderfaster.net.

But who is Chris Cee? “Music wise? A very varied character, you’ll catch me listening to anything from The Beatles to Paul Van Dyk and all genres in between.” He’s not a Dolly Parton fan, though: “I’ve been known to listen to classical music when I’m in the mood.” Starting his musical life at 18 months with his head stuck firmly inside the subwoofer, it was his brothers and sisters that would nudge along and develop his tastes. “Because they were all older than me, one would be listening to the latest pop track like Duran Duran, then the other sister would be listing to the most occult weird music, like Marilyn Manson then my brother would be listening to Bob Marley. There was a real eclectic mix within the house, you’d walk around the house and just hear music all round. My mum on the other hand was never into anything that was mainstream. The groups she talks about I’d never heard of, none of them have stood the test of time.” read more on Harderfaster.net

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