Chris Cee and Alan Banks get Fundamental

Already winning praise from some of the most important people in London clubbing today while providing quality electronic dance music to discerning clubbers, FUndamental has come a long way since its earliest conception in deepest Essex. Now taking the promotion a step up to the bear’s pit of London, promoters Alan Banks and Chris Cee step up to the podium to tell us about Turnmills, sweets and octopi.

Credible dance music and Chelmsford are not quite two words you’d put together in an average sentence. For most a wide berth is the most Essex has to offer, but for the enlightened few who have decided party sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s are best left in their respective eras, what option did they have but to come to London? There was obviously a gap in the market and that’s exactly what Alan and Chris set out to fill with the launch of their new concept FU. Alan explains: “We had been working at a bar called Broadwalk for a while laying really good house music so knew there were people out there who wanted the same as us. A new venue under the railway arches had opened up called The Cave. It provided that real gritty underground feel, and it took us a couple of months to get in but on our opening night in April we pulled in over 400 people! We ran for another three events with an atmosphere we had never seen in Chelmsford before. Even though we were the most successful night, the other promotions just weren’t pulling people and the club owner decided to…


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